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Who is Alastair, Anyways?


After starting his 1st business at the age of 13, Alastair realized that he was most happy working for himself.  He studied entrepreneurship through finding mentors in the fields he was interested in and by studying the success stories of other leaders. After landing a corporate job during his junior year in college, and working the grind for five years – he decided to jump into the world of entrepreneurship an never looked back.  Now, he has owned several successful small businesses and has a passion for helping others define, pursue, and dominate their passion.


One of Alastair’s favorite places to be is on stage motivating and teaching others.  He’s a self-published author and has been speaking on stage since the age of 15. Throughout his career he has had the honor of being able to tour around the world to serve on panels & speak to others about entrepreneurship, health, wellness & maintaining the balance of life.  He’s also appeared in magazine articles, been on several radio shows and make guest appearances on podcasts discussing the topics that drive his passion.


After five years of questioning accomplished men, the common theme of a balanced life appeared. A pattern of feeling disconnected and distracted from life and their purpose emerged. Studying it further, Alastair discovered that there are two parts of your purpose – a divine purpose and an earthly purpose.

So, Alastair wrote the book, “Hey Man! What’s Your Purpose?” In this book, Alastair uses his personal experiences and what he learned from other men to teach you how to find, reconnect, and stay connected with both parts of your purpose. Although it may not provide you with all of the answers, it will provoke you to ask yourself the hard questions so you can Discover Your Legacy and Master the Art of Balancing Life!

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Alastair and his wife have helped their clients to lose over 8,000 lbs as Health and Wellness Coaches. Their passion is helping people to become the best versions of themselves, so they also help athletes to improve their performance by improving their nutrition, help people to tighten and tone their bodies, and help people to maintain the results they have already achieved.  They have clients and coaches across the United States and in several different countries.

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Although Alastair primarily does strategic consulting for businesses – don’t be surprised when you see the “Graphics by Presario” logo or the “Designed by Alastair Hunte Consulting” on different design elements in the industry. Alastair has subcontracted developers that have been working for and with him for many years, so he’ll often serve as the project manager on projects.  Design and development has always been one of his primary passions, so every once in while a client will even convince him to jump back into the field to personally work on projects that inspire him.   

Alastair also has several social service projects that he provides graphic design support for, and he also creates motivational graphics for his blog “Presario Says.”

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As a web development and print marketing strategist, Alastair helps companies to evaluate the performance of their web and print marketing presence.  He also helps new companies to discover and establish their brand. What he has found is that many business owners find themselves randomly throwing money at different marketing ideas, but without a strategy they are limiting their effectiveness.

Alastair also has an exclusive process of helping businesses to navigate the confusing world of hiring and managing developers, graphic designers, and social media professionals.


Alastair doesn’t just participate in events or activities, he’s always looking on how to elevate himself and others.  For those open to positive change – Alastair loves to collaborate on ways to take things to the next level.  Not being afraid of being an innovator is one of his keys to success.

Don’t be surprised if you meet him as he’s participating in new and innovative ideas!