Connect with Alastair
Connect with Alastair


Well, that’s a pretty simple question. If you are looking for consultation, note that Alastair only works with select clientele that he believes are a good fit for what he can provide.  The best way to reach out to him is through one of the social media links above.
Once you connect and reach out to him, Alastair will do an evaluation of your needs. If you or your company’s profile and mission turn out to be a good fit – then you will most likely find yourself doing business with him. If not – no worries! Alastair tends to be a helpful and resourceful person, and he will do his best to point you in the right direction and possibly refer you to one of his exclusive partners.
If you are looking for health and nutrition coaching, you can visit Nutrition Avenue.
If you are looking at the possibility of becoming a Health & Wellness Coach, you can find out more here.